ARX is Adaptive Resistance Exercise.  Adaptive Resistance is a scientifically-backed experience like no other.

  • Perfect Resistance for each person
  • Safest Resistance calibrated to each person automatically
  • ​More Muscle, Bone Tissue, Less Time
  • ARX has allows to maintain maximal strength and maximal strength endurance without a heavy CNS (central nervous system) cost nor prolonged delayed onset muscle soreness (DOMS).

​ARX is space age tech and used by NASA.  The purpose of the technology is to maintain strength and bone/connective tissue when gravity is nonexistent.  In this scenario conventional weight training useless.  In an atmosphere containing gravity (earth), it provides an ability to maximize benefits.  Eccentric force is not restricted by limitations of Concentric movement impacted by gravity and becoming unsafe.

ARX is about maximum strength training in minimal time:  

  • The high intensity, low volume training is facilitated via adaptive resistance exercise 
  • The ARX technology allows for maximum overload of the muscles in key, compound and assistance movements
  • Making strength training available to your unique fitness level.

Who can benefit using the ARX? 

From our vantage point there are 3-4 categories of people who we can service:

  • Athletes - (Middle School, High School, College, Professional, Recreational)
    • Less time weight lifting with maximum gain​
    • Less recovery needed
    • ​Less risk of injury resulting from overloading or fatigue
    • More time to focus on Explosive movements
    • Skills focus


  • Busy Professional/Student/Health Enthusiast
    • Gain literally hours back in your busy schedule
    • Focus previous exercise time on other important quality of life activities
    • In and out, no waiting in line for equipment, or scheduling a class that isn't convenient to your schedule

  • Post Injury/Post Rehabilitation still requiring workouts
    • Affordable continuation of strength and rehabilitative workout
    • Low Stress workouts
    • Reduction of pain and recovery

  • Someone who just fundamentally wants to change their life and gain more energy
    • The perfect Bio-hack, you can exercise for 12 minutes a week and experience life changing results
    • Loose weight, or gain more stamina
    • Private and not embarrassing or feeling like others are watching you
    • You only compete against yourself

Package Pricing:  ASK FOR A FREE WORKOUT 

  • "Single Session" - $45
  • "Month Package" (4) 1x week - $160
  • "New You Package" (12) 1x week/3 months - $425
  • "Life Changer Package" (24) 1x week/6 months - $725

Student Athlete Packages:   $25 per session; $100 monthly

  • Baseball
  • Basketball
  • Football
  • Field Hockey
  • ​Golf
  • ​Lacrosse
  • Soccer
  • ​Volleyball
  • ​Wrestling

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