Message to the parents of players in Middle School and High School. 

  • If your athlete is training with their summer or spring team, are they really growing?  Teams hold try-outs to continually find better players, that's called competition! 
  • So when your player is training how are they really training? 
    • If they are training like the rest of the team, how are they developing the skills that may be weaker than another player. 
  • How are they improving their position on the High School team, getting in position to have a college opportunity or excelling at the Middle School level? 
    • We don't care where you play, but we care how you train!  If you are training like everyone else you will get the same result as everyone else!

A2i has the largest investment in training athletes and particularly Baseball and Softball players than any other location in 100's of miles.  Our programs are designed to incorporate athletic development, nutritional insight, flexibility and technology.  Howver, some of our specialized equipment like the ARX and Proteus are cross sports that will aid athletes from all sports  most notably Field Hockey, Football, Ice Hockey, Basketball, Lacrosse, Soccer, and even Golf.  

Some of our technology that supports our training:

  • Multiple Iron Mikes
  • Radar Tools for hitting, pitching and fielding, striking
  • Ace5000 Pitching Machine
  • Fungoman Fielding Robot
  • Hitting Rapsodo
  • Pitching Rapsodo
  • ARX - Advanced Resistance Exercise
  • Bio Movement Assessment Software - aids in determining risk, imbalances and weaknesses in the athlete that isn't visible all in a matter of minutes
  • Proteus 
  • Vapor Goggle - Eye Training

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