Ball Exit Velocity 87-92 mph

Pitch Velocity 81-84 

Ball Exit Velocity 84-88 mph

Pitch Velocity 84-87 

​Discover your True Strengths and Weaknesses - Become the Best YOU!!!!

​Proteus Motion’s technology reinvents strength training.  The patented technology focuses on creating fluid resistance similar to water-based exercise through the use of magnetic fields.  Coupled with rich analytical data an athlete can identify risk, weakness and overall development movement patterns that attribute to their long-term health and performance or even daily recovery.

The incorporation of Proteus into our overall fitness program is revolutionizing the way we can help athletes.  Our numbers speak for themselves as you can see:

***Power translates to Performance***

Case Study 1 - D1 Pitcher return from injury

​18 Days Results

Case Study 2 - HS Senior 7 weeks off due to Covid 
9 Days Results